I have so many good things going for me right now. I'm home with (most of) my friends and family. I have a job. I'm doing alright in school. I'm going interrailing in under two months. The weather here in Oslo is not too bad, the sun even shines some days. I'm so pleased with my new tattoo. I got paid yesterday. I'm being healthier than before.. A lot. 


.. But i feel so empty without him.

Awkward photo. But exactly how it is.


Wow, how time flies! I was thinking my last blogpost was like.. 3 weeks ago. And it′s two whole months?! 

It's safe to say a lot has happened since last time here in my lovely paradise. Good and bad, i must say (like the fact that i'm leaving in 4 days). But mostly good. 

These are some pictures i′ve taken the last month - after my money arrived with my mom so i could buy another camera


Here is my mom and i at the Tulum ruins. It's really so so beautiful there (woops, i managed to not upload a single picture of a ruin). I didn't take my mom to see all that i thought i would, because; seightseeing is so fucking tireding! 

After our trip to Chichen Itza and Valladolid here we were practicly dead. It was probably a thousand degrees and another thousand kilometres walking around! (Barely exaggerating..)

I love eating out with my crazy boyfriend and kinda-crazy mom. I think we make a good company even though some of us act like they are five - need i mention who?

I took my mom out for some drinks and live latin music her last night in town. And somehow we ended up going to a hookah-bar when she told me she had never tried it. So much fun! Imagine - a smoker for over 30 years, and never tried a harmless (and much better tasting) waterpipe.

Her last day spent on my favorite beachbar: Canibal Royal. The place is amazing. It has the best drinks and great food and even greater music. Aaah, heaven. 

This weekend mi amor and me went to Isla Mujeres. Such a wonderful and peaceful place. Barely any traffic (it consists of golfcarts and scooters), just a few people and beaches and a rich sealife. Really an amazing place to snorkel around for hours. I wish i had a camera to show pictures from it. But it's stuck in my mind for sure. And such a plus that Serg's friends from DF were staying there for some months so they could take us to the best places for food and drinks.

We went to the south spot of the island to see the sunrise. To our disappointment it was cloudy. But it still did not let us down. So beautiful. Really the best way to spend our last days together. 


Now. I need to pack and do everything i need to do before leaving. Like getting a tattoo, for example. And eat in the places i have not eaten. And go out. And get tan. And speak spanish fluently. And and and. Okey, i don't have enough time. My mind is not getting that i actually am leaving in just 4 days. Almost 3 really. Wow. All change is good, i've heard. Let's see about that.


Brighter days

These days, the sun is out all day every day. And that really helps on the mood - it makes me feel happy (Although if i spend the day doing anything else than lying on the beach, i look like a sweaty pig). I made my decition which i was struggeling with in my last (somewhat emo) post, which also helps on the happiness-part. All in all, life is good! And i'm enjoying the moments.

Earlier this week, our roommates arrived from France and together we found a new apartment. I enjoy having more people around, and our new apartment i greatly located just two minutes from the beach! Who could complain about that?

Yesterday, my mom ordered her plane ticket to come visit me. She is coming the 13th of march, and i'm super excited to show her around this lovely place. But before that i have an essay to finish and a few houndred pages of reading to catch up to. I'm very good at bringing my books to the beach - but after a few pages of reading it gets too hot to concentrate. So i better get to reading inside to not fall too far behind. 

Wish me luck. Haha. 



Nobody said it was easy

Yup. There's just too much going on right now. In my mind and in my surroundings. But i need to make decitions, and i need to make them now.

I already applied for a new course of university - journalism. But i don't even know if that is what i want. Maybe i just want to work and then travel around? Maybe i'll take an english course and travel the world working as an english teacher (Boy, i hope i didn't have any spelling errors in that sentence. Except for the intentional small "i"). Maybe i'll settle here and work. Maybe i will be doing this by myself - alone. And maybe not. I wish the answer to everything would just come to me. Or that i could put all the options on a scale and pick the one that weighs the most. I know i can't. I'm a dreamer - with a lot of figuring out to do. 


Nobody said it was easy - no one ever said it would be this hard.


These last few days have been somewhat miserable for me. Night to monday someone broke into our apartment and stole practicly all i have of value: passport (!!!), money, bankcard, my new camera, my old camera, my laptop, my 1800 peso cash. And that really, really sucks. So i've been here and there talking to the police and government-workers (some of them are really not nice people) and it's just not been a good time. Thank god i've had my boyfriend with me fixing more than i could ask for (he never really liked the way of the mexican government, so you could say it's been a test for him too).

Now we are worrying about staying in this apartment and trying to get out of the contract without losing all of our deposit and try to find a safer place. And how i can get to mexico city to get a new passport the cheapest way possible. Worry, worry, stress, stress. We are both tired of it. And he has to work as well.

But today i stumbled upon this page, which maybe some of you have heard of; www.100happydays.com. And it made me think. Ok, they took a lot of expensive stuff. But it's just stuff, right? Why should it make our days miserable? Things are replaceble, days are not.

So after reading about this challenge, i decided i like the idea. It's a nice way to appreciate what really makes you happy - every day. (Plus, when the challenge is over, you have all these pictures to go with the happy memories).

So i challenge everybody to do the same. Be happy. If you don't want to share it with the world; write your happy moment in a book or a note on your computer. It's a great idea to notice all the small things in life that are maybe not so small.


Life's a beach

Since last time, i've turned 22. Weirdly, i feel the same as when i was 21. On my birthday i got myself a bike as a present to myself. I guess karma stole it just three days later to show me that it's too ego buying presents for yourself. So if i ever buy another bike, i will buy it for someone else and just use it every day. Smart. After it got stolen i did some research - and it turns out Playa del Carmen is famous for it's low rates in usual crime, but high rate in bike-thefts. So it would probably happen sooner or later anyways, glad i got to be the sooner. (I had mine inside a locked courtyard with a thick bikelock - so these people have no mercy). 

Oh well. Either way i enjoyed my birthday with my lovely boyfriend. And i am really enjoying life here! Even though it has been cloudy most days it is so calm (and non-calm whenever i want that) and stressless. Maybe i'll stay forever. 

I bought a new camera (NOT as a present). Finally. I will take so many pictures now! (although there's probably gonna be a lot of this handsome guy..)

On the road

These last two weeks have been amazing. As mentioned, me and my boyfriend went on a roadtrip from Mexico city to Playa del carmen. We made a stop to Puerto Escondido with some friends of my man and wow; this whole trip has been incredible. These last two days we have been aaaaall around Playa looking for apartments within our budget, and now we are all moved in, deposit and rent payed, so everything is perfect! 

Now i just want to give a little idea of my roadtrip. 

I've seen the most beautiful landscapes i have ever seen. I've seen some lovely sunrises and even more sunsets. I've seen donkeys used for transportation. I've seen roadwork being done by two men with shovels. I've seen the cutest little cities. I've seen police and military with heavy machinery - worse than COD. I've (well the car has) been stopped by the military and almost pissed my pants. Twice. I've been so many hours on the road. I've seen the prettiest beach ever. I've surfed for the first time (!!!). I've had some Coronas. I've seen my boyfriend tip the police to get out of a fine he should never get (korrupt, you say?). I've been on the worst highways. I've become a little taner than i was. I've become more pore moneywise, but so rich in every other aspect. I've grown very found of hammocks. I've eaten too much gas-station-food. I've developed my bladder to hold longer. I've tried some weird mexican drinks (they put salsas in everything). I've seen beautiful lakes. I've been on a boat who ran out of gas in the middle of a lake (and paddled with surfboards to get to shore). I've noticed that mexican nature and clima is very various - you can find it all (Within reason. There's not really glaciers and stuff like that). I've fallen in love with Mexico (and even more with my boyfriend who took me on this trip). And I've tried to get some of it on tape (yes i'm bad at steadyshots, but the roads didn't help either), unfortunately i left my cameracharger in Norway, so i had to be careful with using it. But here's what i got:

(Nevermind the watermark)

twelve grapes

Happy new year to everyone! I had a great new years eve this year. Me and mi amor went to his sisters house along with the rest of his family. And then we started eating - which was a several-hour-process, and it was super delicious. Then we startes playing a game called "100 mexicanos dijieron", which obviously was very hard for me. So i ended up being the quizmaster and reading all the questions in spanish and i think i had just as fun as the ones actually playing. Haha.

The coolest part for me was when the clock hit twelve. The important thing was not to kiss anyone or to see the fireworks. The mexican have a tradition of eating twelve grapes in twelve seconds, and make a wish for each one of them (probably mexico is not the only place they do this, i have just never heard of it before). It is actually quite a challenge eating them so fast, i almost had them coming u again. But it was very fun to be a part of.

The rest of the night went by playing a little more and listening to music and talking and drinking.


Right now i'm just done packing. We are suddenly leaving tomorrow morning! And i'm so excited, cause instead of flying, we are doing a roadtrip from Mexico city to Playa del Carmen. We are going from here - Puebla - Veracruz - Oaxaca - Chiapas - and then Playa. I don't know if i will be able to sleep, i'm too excited. But at least i'm not driving so i can try to sleep a little in the car when theres nothing interresting to watch. Yeah right. This is already turning out to be a great 2014.  

A new year is upon us

Here it is. The last day of 2013. And i'm spending it in Mexico! i arrived here 6 days ago, but it already seems like i've been here forever. Everything is so different compared to Norway - the people here are so warm and open and loud, they are so close to their families in a totally different way than i'm used to. Not to mention the weather here is a lot warmer, even though Norway also has had a warm winter ths year. One of the special things about Mexico City is that it has an altitude of 2400 meters, which means that this city is higher than Norway's highest mountain! Thats incredible. Although it does make it hard to breath sometimes - along with all the pollutionsmog (especially for an asthmatic) - cause it is also one of (if not the one) biggest cities in the world. Oslo becomes so pale in comparison.

Since i arrived here, i've found out how shy i am. Especially when it comes to my dear's family. I've always considered myself as kind of a shy person, but never to this extend. Maybe it's the language? The fact that i have studied spanish for three months this year makes me feel like i have to speak spanish. But whenever i try to form a sentence in spanish i just reject it and end up saying nothing instead of making a fool of myself. Even though i know they would listen and try to understand my broken language, i just feel so unsure and scared, in a way. So i guess that's gonna be my new year's resolution this year; to try to be less shy. Haha, it sounds so silly. But i really gotta work at it, cause my head is getting too good at shutting my mouth. 

That being said i am super excited i get to spend new year's eve with the love of my life! It feels so good to be together again after 4 months living apart (with a one week visit....). And i'm even more excited to see what 2014 has to bring. It's already a year with many dreams and thoughts, but no certain plans, which makes it exciting on a whole different level. I guess all i can do is wait and live. 

Some of this year summarized in photos.


A little bit of Mexicolife. 


A million thank you's to 2013, it's been a challenging but great year, and i can only wish that next year will be as good. 

merry christmas

Right now it's already after midnight, which means it's the day of christmas eve! Which again means i'm leaving in one day! (well, a little more but still) I'm very excited for christmas eve - just watching christmas movies and eating all day. Perfect. I'm celebrating with my mom, brother, grandma, uncle and aunt this year, and i'm just really looking forward to it. So i should probably go to bed so tomorrow comes faster. Soon. First i have to finish watching "americas cutest pets - cat edition" on animal planet. Not. My mom is watching it though, so i am peeking a little. They are cute. But a one hour show?! Too much. Oh well. 

Merry christmas everyone! I hope your day will be as good as mine. 

Just some christmasy pictures from the last days

the sun is shining

.. the weather is sweet! I can feel that today will be a good day. I started the morning waking up feeling rested WITH NO ALARM ON. That feeling is just amazing. Also, i finished my last exam five days ago and it feels awesome to not have to worry about school for a little while. Today, i'm going to work and it will probably be very busy, but it's alright when i'm in such a good mood as i am today and when i know i will work with all my amazing co-workers. I'm almost excited to go to work. That never happens, haha. 

The snow rained away a couple of days ago, but today the sun is shining, so it doesn't really matter. I'm just glad i got to enjoy it for some days. And in just 8 (!!!!) days i'll be on my way to Mexico to be with my other half! Its getting so close. I still have to fix a lot of things, but i hope the time stretches. 

OH. And i moved from my apartment and into my moms the other day. So cozy and christmasy. And yes, i know i look crazy. Better go fix my face and run off to work. 


This weekend i had one of my best disney-friends, Julie, visiting me. On saturday (after a loooong day at work from my part) we went to a christmasparty with some other disney-girls. It was super cozy and fun, and we went to bed quite late. So when we woke up sunday morning, we just stayed in bed and didn't want to get up. Until.. We look out and there was so much snow on the ground. It was so beautiful! I love the snow! And i was so afraid that i wouldn't get to see it before leaving to Mexico. But here it is - cold and lovely, covering all the rooftops. It makes everything look so much brighter, so even though it still gets dark at 4 pm, it looks magical instead of just black.

Right now i just wanna fool around in the snow, go skiing, iceskating, make snow angels and everything else that comes with the snow. But of course i'm inside reading for my last exam of the year. Hopefully there's still some snow around when the exam is over. Cause that's when i can finally let my shoulders down and go play without feeling guilty. Crossing my fingers for that. 

writer's block

I bet you all can relate to that feeling. The feeling when you are not even half way through your paper and your mind just goes blank and all you can see is that fucking horizontal line blinking at you until you finally write one word just to erase it a second later. But then look at me - writing right now. WELL. This isn't virtue ethics. Or moral relativism. Or my exam-paper. Or something i have to do. So this is something different. At least i'm trying to tell myself that. I'm at 1300 out of 3000 words and i just can't seem to find more to write. At least i found out yesterday that the length is not 5000 words which i originally thought, so there's something positive about this. Maybe i can write an extremely long intro and conclusion? Right.

Can somebody please bring Rosalind Hursthouse to my place right now?! The more i read her text, the more i seem to lose the point. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. HELP. 

These two are my best friends tonight. 

How i feel.


we are not trees

Throughout my 21 (well almost 22) years in life i have met a lot of people and made many friends, and lately more and more of them are settling down. And that's all good, but there are some that makes me think. Many people i know live in small cities - and some in big cities too, but that's not the point - they live in the city where they were born and raised and now they are settling down in that same city. And yes, they may have traveled some weeks every year to the same place in Turkey or Spain, but other than that they just live in their little cities. It makes me wonder really. I can not imagine my life just living in the same place without trying a different one - so i could at least say "Nope. That was not for me, i like my city better." But then there are these people who are just too comfortable in the life they have grown up in and maybe also their parents have grown up in. The same comfortable surroundings, the same comfortable roads, houses, people. And they just stay. Forever. 

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, i'm just saying i do not understand it at all. I really think travel makes you smarter in life. Not book-smart, but you get a different understanding of people and other cultures and you open your mind more. It amazes me that in 2013 where it's so easy to just go out and see the world - so many people choose not to. 

So just get out there, people! Don't put your roots down, we are not trees, we are made to move around. Get out of your comfortzone. And enjoy what the world has to show you. 

social life?

What is social life? Pff. Right now my life is so boring. So little social life, so much "studying". (and work) Cause even when i put a whole day off to study, i am not able to concentrate more than two hours staight. So i sidetrack more than i should. But i still don't put off time for any social life. Stupid me, right? Oh well, it's just two more weeks and i'm done for this year. 

Well after i was done with my exam on thursday, i went to Fredrikstad to meet up with one of my best friends who was home for the weekend. It was so nice to see her again! (she usually lives and studies in London, so we don't see eachother that often.) And then last weekend we had a christmas party with work. It was super cozy and fun, i love those Egon-people. 




Back to the books now. Kill me please



My popo and me have been together a whoooole year today! 

Who would have thought that? Neither of us, for sure. But i am so glad we have. 

At this point, i can't imagine my life without my Popo. I have never loved anyone like i love him, and the best part about it is that i can feel it goes both ways. Even though we have spent almost 5/12 months apart, all the time we have had together makes it all worth it. Yes, we have had our downs, but that is a given in a relationship, and very allowed when we live on each side of the globe. But the point is - the up's always weigh stronger than the downs and our love makes it possible. Our love is strong enough to survive across the ocean, even though it's not close to the amazingness of being together and living together.. Cause the feeling of being in his arms makes every problem feel so weak, and sometimes even dissappear.

No one can make me as calm when i am stressed, as happy when i am sad, and as silly when i am serious. And the feeling of having that person is like no other. 

We are actually very different, and even though we crash sometimes, that's the best part about us as a couple. It's so fun to travel together, cause we get to do things we maybe would not without eachother and it just makes every day more interresting. Too bad we have laziness in common. Haha. 

I'm not gonna hide that i'm super excited to move with my dearest in just 35 days though. The distance isn't that cool. I miss waking up to that handsome face every morning, and in no time i will again! 



Just TWO days till my first university-exam ever. In education statistics. What is that - and for what do you need it? Well i barely know what it is, and i surely don't know what it's useful for in the future. So now i'm working on putting four books into one picture in my mind and cross my fingers for passing the exam. Yup, thats my only goal for that subject, and after solving some old exams today, i at least have a little faith that it's possible. Feel free to cross your fingers too thursday morning. Oh. And this is also the same date my boyfriend and i have been together for a year. What a great way to celebrate....

There's not really much else going on in my life right now. On saturday two spanish girls are coming to visit. (not me, i'm just hosting them here really) and then on sunday we have a christmas-party with my work! I'm super excited about that. Yup. It's getting super cold outside. I don't like the cold unless it's snow. So it better snow soon! I hope that the snow will at least come before i move away to the beach. We will see. 



So it's official. The 25th of December i'm moving to Mexico for 6 months! Yesterday i had two girls here to look at my lovely little apartment, so one of them is taking it from December 15th. And i'm really happy with my decition. Yippy. And i also resigned from my job this week. A little bit sad, cause i love the people i work with. BUT it's getting real. And more than that - it's getting close. I'm super excited. I get to reunite with my love and escape this cold and dark country. To the warmth of the mexican sunlight and the mexican people. 

Today, i will spend my day reading for my exams. I'm having so much trouble focusing on school right now. BAH. 

i think i wanna marry you

I spent this weekend in Drammen for my step-sisters wedding. It was very beautiful. Up until some months ago i have always been kind of against weddings. Not against other people getting married, but i've always had the thought that if your love is strong enough - why would you have to spend a lot of money and time to "prove" it to the world? 

But somehow my sight is changed. Now i think weddings are magical, and i could look at wedding magazines for hours. Maybe because i have found the man i know i wanna spend my life with? I actually do wanna get married (when the time is right of course). I guess everyone (girls mostly) has a dream wedding. Mine is at a beach in a country where it's never cold - like Mexico for example, hihi. I know, it's a cliche. But still. 

Enough dreaming and back to this weekends wedding. The couple getting married look wonderful together and i think they will have a long and happy life together. They kept looking at eachother like they were enchanted. Lovely! The wedding was very simple - in a small, intimate church with the closest family and friends only. The ceremony was nice and not too long. Her dress was white with red details on it. Very pretty and not too flashy. I have actually never seen a wedding dress with red details, so i liked the originality of it. And the party after was filled with good food, good speaches and toasts, good people, good cakes and good dancing. So summed up it was a great+ day! 

just one of those days

Today has already been such a long day. When i went to school it was still dark out - at 8 am - now it's dark again, and i'm still here. Trying to stay awake and pay attention to the lecture and not fall asleep. (yeah, i'm obviously paying a lot of attention right now.) My mind is just so tired of this stressful period with exams, work and too much darkness. This is just one of those days where i just want to give up. But just a little over a month and it's all fun and games. I can do it! 

Joshua Radin - One of those days.

here I go again


I just felt like starting to blog again - but this time in english.  That might be interesting. 

Well there is actually one small reason to why i chose to start blogging now; Yesterday i made a big decicion. But let me tell a story first. 

One year ago, i was working in Disney World in Florida. And half a year before that i met this mexican, Sergio, also working there. I fell completely in love. And after much consideration we decided to try having a real relationship - almost exactly a year ago, 22nd of November 2012. So we spent some time apart and then he came to Norway to live with me. (and then Spain, where i went to study spanish). It all worked out fine until his visa got denied in august and he had to go back to Mexico. Since then we have been trying a (very) long distance relationship, and i have visited him once - cause it's not exactly a cheap distance either. But as everyone who has tried this kind of relationship know.. It is super hard. No matter how strong the love is. Here i am, sitting alone in our apartment. And it sucks. So thats why i've decided to move to Mexico! 

Only for 6 months, but still. I decided to do my next semester as a selfstudy, so i only have to show up for one single exam. Oh, and i'm studying special education for anyone who might wonder. Me and Sergio were thinking about moving to Playa del Carmen, a wonderful paradise in the Gulf of Mexico. So my dream is to lay on the beach and relax (and study of course....) all my days. I think it's a good one! The only thing i'm not sure about is if i'm gonna leave in December or February. Cause i have a ticket for December 25th, so maybe i should just stay? Time will show. 

And right now i should actually be studying for the exam i have in two weeks. But i'm very good at rewarding myself with too many and too long breaks. I don't deserve it, but somehow i always convince myself that i do. Hah, good thing i'm gonna do selfstudy for a whole semester then. Hopefully i will learn. 

Here's some photos from my visit to Mexico in october:

My better half.      

Love all the markets.


Bellas artes.

Mexico city - the endless city.



I have red hair and a handsome boyfriend. 



This is a bikestand.


A very mexican self and my good friend Rodrigo (Retardo) 



Mexican Disney-friends.   

It's windy on top of the pyramids.


Jumping around the world.     



Cool-cat and Lenny Kravitz.  

My boyfriends lovely family.






Det er rart å tenke på at jeg ikke skal tilbake til skolen igjen imorra. Jeg er ferdig med mine obligatoriske 13 år på skole. Men det som er enda rarere å tenke på er at jeg faktisk drar om litt under to måneder. Til USA. Helt alene. Og fram til da skal jeg ikke gjøre en dritt. Det er ikke så rart å tenke på, det er egentlig bare litt smådeprimerende. Mens alle andre begynner på skole igjen, begynner å studere eller jobber, skal jeg gjøre ingenting. Derfor har jeg bestemt meg for å leve gjennom andre - høre på alt om alle de nye vennene og alle klagene om for mye lesing og generelle skoleting. WOHO. 

Men en positiv ting er jo at så mange mossere har begynt å studere i Oslo! Så nå er jeg ikke alene i storbyen lenger. Heeeh. Så da kan jeg jo leke med dem litt når de er ferdige på skolen. Yeeey!


Om to måneder. (sletta innlegget der jeg hadde dette bildet. Så jeg ville bruke det nå, for det er jo så fint!)


naken mann

Noen tenker sikkert at siden de har toppleielighet, er det greit at de går rundt nakne. Da burde det helst ikke være et hotell som er høyere på andre siden av gata, vil jeg si. Men det er meg da. Er ikke så fan av å være naken uansett. 

Nå sitter jeg på et hotellrom i København. Det er ganske fint, og halvparten av oss - altså mamma og Stian sover. Jeg er ganske trøtt jeg også, og den nakne mannen i toppleieligheten sitter nå i sofaen. Fortsatt naken. Så det er kanskje ett tegn. 

Jeg er forresten veldig fan av familieferier :D det er kos. Vi (jeg, mamma, Stian og Kim) er på "fornøyelsespark-ferie". Idag har vi vært på Tivoliet, og imorra skal vi på Dyrehavsbakken. Sykt moro! Meeeen slitsomt. Faktisk. 

Vi dro på søndag, og jeg savner kjæresten min allerede. Jeg som trodde jeg var selvstendig. Hehe, neida. Sikkert sunne greier til en viss grad. 

Kvakk, kvakk. 

NÅ skal jeg legge meg, for dette ble bare tull. Over og ut.


Gud. Jeg har eksamen i norsk om bare noen få timer. Jeg er dårlig forberedt. Hjernen min tok sommerferie for en stund siden, så den ville rett og slett ikke fungere. Sov litt over en time inatt, tror jeg. Men jeg er ikke helt sikker, for jeg husker at jeg så på klokka når den var kvart over fire. Så en eller annen gang etter det, sovna jeg og mamma vekka meg klokka seks. Det er som om jeg har lim på våtkanten på øyet, for det øvre øyelokket har så lyst til å møte det nedre at jeg må tenke på å blunke fort. Dessuten kjennes øynene ut som sandpapir. Det er litt rart, for jeg er jo vant til å sove lite. oh well, nå er det i hvert fall slik.

Kanskje jeg burde utnytte den tiden jeg har igjen? Først må jeg kjøpe kaffe. Bra den bare koster 7kr igrunn, hvis ikke hadde det blitt dyrt idag. Klageklageklage. Jeg har mensen.

Sånn ser jeg ut. (ja, jeg tok meg tid til å lage dette bildet. det er min nye greie)

Ps. Store doser kaffe har lakserende effekt.


Hørt om skybyen.no? Det er det nye nettby. Jeg meldte meg inn istad, og etter 10 minutter hadde jeg fått 15 nye meldinger i innboksen a la "hei du var pennnnnnn" fra forskjellige gutter/menn. Hadde glemt hvor teit nettby var. Skybyen slår det. Way to go!

Men det er faktisk litt underholdende å se hva folk faktisk skriver da, det må jeg innrømme. Kommer nok ikke til å slette profilen med det første. Haha, jeg er teit.


Melding fra Romeo007:

Åssen er du som person ? utsiden trenger du ikke fortelle meg noe om :D helt vakkert og sjarmerende :D hehe,.troe jeg har noe å drømme om i natt :D ellers så skulle jeg ønske jeg våkner hver morgen og det første jeg ser på skal være dine fine flotte øyener og det fantastiske smilet :D


Gotta love it.


Det er 2011. Det betyr at jeg i juni i år er FERDIG med skolen! Hvertfall for en liten stund. Det morsomme er at jeg ikke aner hva jeg skal etter sommeren. Jeg har null peiling. Veldig morsomt der altså. Men jeg har jo litttttttt tid på meg da, så jeg gidder ikke tenke på så mye. Men kom gjerne med forslag da, kjære lesere! (<-- hehe)

Gleder meg til å se hva 2011 har å by på da. Jeg ser for meg at det kommer til å bli litt hardt skolemessig, men at det kommer til å bli superbra fordet. Spesielt siden jeg har en superbra kjæreste. Gledermeg, gledermeg, gledermeg!


Heidi & Frida-samtale på face nå nettopp:


hvilken episode av trekant er det en naken gutt med et kort?


aner ikke jeg.. en av de første tror jeg


ok. bestemor ringte og sa at broren min var naken på tv, i et sexprogram. så jeg koblet trekant.



isåfall vil du ikke se

med mindre du vil se tissen til broren din


nei, jeg vil at andre skal sjekke.....

jeg vil ikke det nemlig



jeg skal sjekke nå :)





det er han :)

episode 2



du så nettopp tissen til broren min, hahahahaha




han har fin rumpe!





det ER deg!

bare med tan

og skjegg

og.. penis


Here he is! haha.


Godt nyttår a, dere :D


Haakon Rønning er en skjønning!


Jeg hater sanger som er sånn delt i starten at man ikke hører noe på det ene øret. Nå er det historie igjen, jeg er virkelig god på å følge med. Dette er siste historietime jeg ikke skal følge med da. Dette klarer jeg! Yeh, selvmotivasjon.
Jeg og Jass satt hjemme igår og så på OTH og spiste peppes pizza, så ringte Elyas og tok oss med på Latter. Det var så sykt bra show! Har ikke ledd så mye på så lenge jeg kan huske. Det var 5 forskjellige komikere, men jeg husker ikke hva noen av dem heter. Fader altså, de var jo så bra alle sammen. I <3 stand up!

Cappuccino-yoghurt var rart.

Siden jeg ikke husker hva noen heter, kan DU se på han her, han er også festlig.


Lælælæ. Nå har skolen begynt igjen. Det er kjedelig, derfor skal jeg late som jeg skal blogge mye. Haaaah. Det har jo skjedd en del nytt siden sist jeg skrev, det er jo ages siden, men det gidder jeg egentlig ikke å fortelle om. Ellerjo! Kan jo fortelle at jeg har flyttet til Oslo sammen med Jass da, det er ganske relevant informasjon. Og siden jeg bor i Oslo, må jeg jo blogge. Alle i Oslo blogger, og jeg kan ikke skille meg ut for mye heller, ikke sant?  

Sommeren er over, men jeg liker jo høst litt også, for da kan man kle på seg masse og være kjempevarm. Også kan man sitte inne og se på One Tree Hill og tenne lys og drikke te og kose seg. Det er kos! Jeg liker kos. Kozzzzz.

Ja. Nå har vi historie, og historielæreren er søt. Jeg vet jeg burde følge med, men jeg orker bare ikke. Bra start på skoleåret, i know. Men jeg skal bli flinkere, bare vent! Ikke i dag da, men litt senere.

Hei, jeg er random. Noen bilder fra sommerferien:

Ikke det, nei. Jævla dritt-pc! Kommer kanskje senere daaaaaaaa, gled dere. He-he-he...
Hør på denne sangen istedet, den er ganske fin.


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